Many people dream of meeting a prince.

I had that opportunity in December 2015 when the Globe and Mail asked me to interview Prince Amponsah.

The story was to focus on Prince’s recovery from an apartment fire that scorched more than 65% of his body and led to the amputation of his arms.

Heavy stuff. But, our conversation was filled with levity.

That had mostly to do with how he has approached his life and one particularly harrowing event in it.

Prince spoke with a smile indicating respect and affection for others.

“Sometimes, I hear people complaining about work and I want to tell them, you know, ‘don’t worry’,”he joked.

He recalled with fondness strangers who approach him on the street to ask him about his injuries.

He carried a bag, secured shut with magnets, eventually revealing that it held his prosthetic arm — a clumsy piece of hardware that cost $70,000.

Prince showed no anger about the expense of a new limb nowhere near as perfect as the ones he has lost.

Instead, he summarized improvements he and his friend are making to a prosthetic they’re 3D printing.

On the street, I paused, unsure how to end our conversation. Prince smiled and said: “I can only hug now.”

Tim Fraser took this photo. After I met Prince, I requested that Tim be assigned to the shoot because I knew he and Prince would appreciate each other for what they share in common: kindness, talent and a sense of humour.